Row unit

A long harvesting system with extra long knives rollers is responsible for a perfect harvest in low angle to work in all conditions for a maximum yield.

Knife roller

Double bearing in front, 8 adjustable knifes and 8 guide angles in combination with 2 stationary free cutting knives.


To reach short cut material. It’s extra strong housing with separate oiling system, has an independent shutdown sequence.


TECNOMAIS Gearboxes are using a DirectDrive, no hexagonal shafts or special angle gear is necessary. DirectDrive: Efficient and Economic!


You can order your Cornheader for each combine. Just let us know.


You can have a Oilbath drive system on your rigid heads

Sunflower knives expert

Our Expertversion give you the possibility to use your Cornheader for harvesting sunflowers on a larger scale.

Extension auger

For damaged Corn you can have them installed now or later.